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C 1000+ Sustained Release - 100ct

C 1000+ Sustained Release

Packed with 1000mg vitamin C, our C 1000 + Sustained Release formula is designed to support your immune system all day long.

Defender C 1000 - 60ct

Defender C™

Defender C 1000 is a comprehensive vitamin C formula, designed to provide nutritive support for a healthy immune system.

Vitamin C-Rex - 100ct

Vitamin C-Rex®

KAL Vitamin C-Rex chewables help keep your little one healthy all year long with a formula of synergistic vitamin C co-factors.

Vitamin C-Rex Gummy - 60ct

Vitamin C-Rex® Gummy

Keeping kids healthy all year long might feel like an uphill battle, but KAL Dinosaurs Vitamin C-Rex Gummies makes parents’ jobs a little easier and let kids have fun in the process with 250 mg of Vitamin C per serving.