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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about a KAL product or how to use it? Chances are we’ve answered it below. If, by chance, you have a question we haven’t covered, get in touch!

Where are KAL products made?

At KAL, we believe that sourcing raw ingredients from the places they naturally occur or natively grow results in higher-quality finished products and formulas. That’s why we gather the very best ingredients from all around the world and then manufacture KAL products in our own facility in Utah. Unlike brands who simply purchase ‘white label’ products from foreign manufacturers and sell them as their own, we control all aspects of our production process.

Located in Utah, one of the healthiest states in the country, we find that our employees and executive team place extra priority on health and wellbeing. Whether it's proximity to pristine mountain wilderness, world-class skiing and mountain biking, or the prevalence of several national sports teams, the people at KAL maintain a deep appreciation for supplements that help support an active, dynamic life – and it shows in every product we produce!

Will KAL tablets be absorbed?

KAL tablets contain ActivTab™ technology which guarantees disintegration within 30 minutes according to USP guidelines.  Exceptions are sustained release tablets or ActivMelt™ instant dissolve tablets.

Why are some KAL tablets coated?

The coating makes them easier to swallow by smoothing tablet edges. Some tablets also get coated with a flavor profile to make them more enjoyable.

Are supplements a replacement for a healthy diet?

While we love dietary supplements, we acknowledge that they’re called “supplements” for a reason! A great way to bridge nutritional gaps, supplementation should be considered a backup to your healthy diet of whole foods.

However, many of the foods we eat may be grown in soil depleted of nutrients. We recommend seeking out organic farms that employ soil enrichment processes and test for mineral content.

If you find your nutrient intake is still lacking, don’t worry! You can trust KAL supplements to give your body the essential support it needs!  

If I miss a day, should I take double the next day?

If you miss a day of supplementation, you do not need to take a double serving the following day. Simply continue with your normal serving size.

Are KAL products gluten free?

Many KAL products are gluten free. Check the product label for this information.

Are KAL products Non-GMO?

Many KAL products are non-GMO. Check the product label for this information.

Are KAL products Vegan?

Many KAL products are vegan. Check the product label for this information.

Are KAL products organic?

Many KAL products are organic. Check the product label for this information.