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Vitamin C-Rex® Kids Chewables

Vitamin C-Rex® Kids Chewables

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Keeping your little one healthy all year long is a big challenge for many parents. That’s where KAL comes in – our Vitamin C-Rex chewable supplement is designed to support a healthy immune system even as the seasons change. KAL Vitamin C-Rex chewables combine 100 mg of vitamin C in each serving with co-factors like rose hips, rutin and acerola, for added support from bioflavonoids.

Not only is Vitamin C-Rex packed with vitamin C, it also comes in fun dinosaur shapes that kids love. Our formula also offers a great-tasting orange flavor without the fructose. We use xylitol instead of fructose for a low glycemic sweetener that’s also good for teeth.

Like all KAL products, our Vitamin C-Rex ingredients are lab tested for potency, purity and identity – because parents trust KAL to provide the very best. KAL Vitamin C-Rex is made with clean flavors and ingredients.

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