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Zinc Elderberry Kids ActivMelt® Instant Dissolve Tablets

Zinc Elderberry Kids ActivMelt® Instant Dissolve Tablets

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Looking for a great-tasting way to help keep your little one healthy, happy and active? KAL is here to help. KAL Zinc Elderberry ActivMelt® is formulated with zinc and elderberry to support immune health for your little one, giving you peace of mind. 5 mg of zinc and 20 mg of elderberry provide a foundation of minerals and antioxidants needed for immune support.

KAL Zinc Elderberry ActivMelt® comes in a fast-dissolving, mixed berry tablet that kids love. Dissolving in seconds, the ActivMelt® tablet makes taking supplements fun for kids, and are formulated for optimal absorption. They also contain no added sugars or lactose, so they’re parent approved!

KAL Zinc Elderberry ActivMelt® are made with clean flavors and ingredients. And like all KAL products, our Zinc Elderberry ActivMelt® are lab tested for potency, purity and identity – because parents trust KAL to provide the very best.

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