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Sure Stevia™ Extract Liquid

Sure Stevia™ Extract Liquid

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Serve your sweet tooth without the sugar.

We searched the world over to find the best-tasting, zero-calorie plant-based sweetener. Derived from the leaves of a small shrub in the chrysanthemum family, KAL Sure Stevia Liquid Extract contains steviosides, substances unique to the more than 300 species of stevia plants, known for their intense sweetness.

This low-glycemic extract should not affect blood glucose levels in most people, and unlike products that use the whole herb, Sure Stevia has no strong aftertaste, so you get all the sweet flavor without the bitterness of many stevia products.

Our unflavored liquid extract is great for baking or to use in your favorite dessert recipes. Try it in coffee or tea, or add it to cold drinks for the perfect sweetness without an “off” flavor.

Trust KAL to deliver the best-tasting stevia, made in small batches in our own facility to ensure quality, and always lab tested for purity and potency – that’s our promise to you.
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