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Quercetin 50 mg ActivMelt® Instant Dissolve Tablets

Quercetin 50 mg ActivMelt® Instant Dissolve Tablets

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KAL® Quercetin ActivMelt® is a unique supplement made for those looking to support their overall wellness. Quercetin is a plant pigment and a member of the flavonoid family. As a potent antioxidant, it can be found in certain foods like onions, grapes, cherries, and broccoli. Antioxidants are beneficial for helping to combat free radicals.

Our ActivMelt® instant dissolve tablets offer a simple, convenient and delicious way to support your health and wellness any time of day. Just pop one under your tongue and feel it disintegrate for instant support, no water needed!

As always, you can trust KAL to bring you powerful supplementation and high-quality ingredients that are lab verified in-house for potency and purity – that’s our promise to you. 

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