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Nutritional Yeast Tablet

Nutritional Yeast Tablet

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KAL Nutritional Yeast tablets are fortified with B vitamins and naturally contain a full range of essential amino acids – but the many benefits don’t end there.

These powerfully crafted, nutrient-packed supplements may also help support healthy energy metabolism, immune system function, enhanced nerve transmission and the formation of red blood cells. Plus you may have healthier, more vibrant skin, and longer, stronger hair and nails!

Non-GMO and made with primary-grown yeast, our tablets use KAL ActivTab™ technology, which guarantees disintegration within 30 minutes according to USP standards. Faster disintegration means the nutrients are more readily available and designed to go to work.

You can count on KAL to deliver powerful, cutting-edge formulas made with your health and the health of your family in mind. We use only the best ingredients and lab test them for potency and purity to bring you the quality supplementation you’ve come to expect from us – nothing less.
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