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Immuno-Raptor™ Kids Chewables

Immuno-Raptor™ Kids Chewables

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When the seasons change, it can get harder to keep your little one healthy. KAL ImmunoRaptor is packed with powerful nutrients to support immune health. Formulated with vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc and a bioflavonoid complex, ImmunoRaptor is a well-rounded immune support supplement.

Not only is it full of great nutrients, ImmunoRaptor chewables are a fun, easy way for kids to take their supplements. The chewables are shaped like dinosaurs and have a tropical, orange flavor that kids love. They’re also formulated without fructose, to ensure they’re as healthy as they are fun.

Like all KAL products, our ImmunoRaptor chewables are lab tested for potency, purity and identity – because parents trust KAL to provide the very best.

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