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Dino-Dophilus™ Kids Probiotic

Dino-Dophilus™ Kids Probiotic

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At KAL, we believe all children deserve to be healthy. That is why we're dedicated to providing a full-spectrum of great tasting, healthy essential vitamins, minerals, and specialty products designed just for kids, including DinoDophilus Probiotic!

Changes in a child’s diet can impact their digestion. KAL DinoDophilus Probiotic is a powerful blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum and L. bulgaricus and has been formulated to meet the specific needs of kids while supporting their digestive health.

Our probiotic formula for kids includes 2 billion live cells** and is carefully crafted to be a delicious supplement free of fructose. Sweetened with xylitol, KAL DinoDophilus may also support healthy teeth and gums. Your kids will love the fun dinosaur shapes, you’ll love helping to keep them healthy. 

Like all our products, DinoDophilus ingredients are lab tested for potency, purity and identity – you can trust KAL to always provide the very best. Rely on KAL to deliver the probiotics for kids you’ve been looking for. 

**At time of manufacture
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