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Blood Sugar Defense™ Clinical Lifestyles™ Tablets

Blood Sugar Defense™ Clinical Lifestyles™ Tablets

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Add balancing support to your routine.  

KAL Blood Sugar Defense is designed to help support normal, healthy blood sugar levels in persons already within a normal range. Its synergistic blend of cinnamon and alpha lipoic acid, as well as vitamin B6, chromium and zinc can help you to continue feeling your best.  

Blood Sugar Defense is formulated with our proprietary ActivTab™ technology, which guarantees the tablets will disintegrate within 30 minutes of ingesting, according to USP standards.  

Part of the KAL Clinical Lifestyles™ product line, Blood Sugar Defense is made in our own facility, and we test ingredients for potency and purity. You can trust KAL to bring you powerful supplementation designed with your health in mind.  

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