KAL is GMP Certified, What Does it Mean?

KAL is GMP Certified, What Does it Mean?

What is GMP Certified? What does that mean for KAL Vitamins? Let’s find out.

Is it a good thing for a company to be GMP Certified? It is! GMP is an acronym for current Good Manufacturing Practice, also known as CGMP, which is the main regulatory standard for ensuring pharmaceutical quality. Simply put, this means that companies like KAL are evaluated to ensure our products meet quality standards. Great news, right? Let’s discuss further what GMP means for you as a consumer.

Why is GMP Certified a Good Thing?

Since it’s not possible for a consumer like you to determine if a drug is safe or effective by simply looking at it, having GMP practices in place helps ensure this. This is why GMPs are not only helpful but necessary in order to protect consumers from medicines and supplements that could be potentially harmful.  

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently regulates the quality of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals (like supplements) carefully. Current GMP regulations are enforced by the FDA to make sure manufacturing facilities (like ours in Ogden, Utah) are properly designed, monitored, and that processes and facilities are well-controlled.

These GMP regulations check for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of our supplement products. This includes establishing strong quality management and operating procedures, obtaining appropriate quality raw materials, detecting and investigating product quality, and maintaining reliable testing in our laboratories. These systems help prevent contamination, mix-ups, deviations, failures, and errors; which is extremely important in a facility that creates supplements you put into your body! In order to be GMP Certified, not only do companies have to produce quality material, they also must maintain systems and technologies that are up-to-date and current.

KAL Quality

KAL Vitamins and our team at Better Being Co. are GMP Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that our practices and products are thoroughly inspected. In case you didn’t know, the majority of our products are produced in our own manufacturing facility in Ogden, Utah, making it easier for us to keep an eye on practices and product quality.

We’re thrilled to be GMP Certified because KAL has a long history of caring for families. That is our focus, to provide you with healthy solutions to support your family. With 90+ years of expertise in the industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. Want to learn more about our history as industry pioneers? Click here.

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