KAL Vitamins: A Long History of Caring

KAL Vitamins: A Long History of Caring

With health taking a recent spotlight on the world stage, supplements are more popular than ever. While many people are just beginning to realize how supplements can benefit their well-being, KAL has been providing nutritive support for nearly a century.  

Though KAL has decades of practice at what we do, an interest in innovation and unwavering standards for quality have always been at the core of our pursuits.  

Chester Weldon and The First Multivitamin

In 1932, Chester Weldon was searching for a way to help with his wife’s leg cramps. He discovered a calcium and phosphorus powder that proved beneficial, and he was so amazed by the effectiveness that he founded KAL to continue seeking wellness solutions. 

That first act of love that inspired KAL’s creation is still present in everything we do. Just as Chester Weldon wanted to help his wife live as happily and comfortably as possible, KAL wants to help every family enjoy life to the fullest.  

Growing KAL from The Ground Up 

Since the creation of that first supplement in 1932, KAL has evolved to offer hundreds of products. That growth didn’t happen overnight, though—for generations, the Weldon family stayed at the helm of KAL, maintaining the original commitment to quality while expanding to serve more and more health-conscious families.  

A family brand in every sense, KAL Vitamins has never lost sight of its core values, even through all of the growth.  

In 1989, KAL’s then-president Stephen Weldon wrote, “Even though we may not be ‘that little vitamin company in the Valley anymore, we will never be so big that we forget the people who have made it possible for us to realize so many of our goals.”  

That guiding sentiment remains today, and as KAL continues to innovate with research-based nutritive support, our top priority is always people—everything we do is meant to help people live well.  

The Care Continues  

While there’s no question that KAL has some deep-seated roots in the health and wellness industry, we never rest on our laurels. Our decades of experience have allowed us to hone our science so we always produce expertly-balanced, high quality supplements but we never stop pushing to create something new and exciting.  

To make sure that all of our products meet our standards, we manufacture many items in-house at our own facilities. Beyond that, we also lab test our ingredients for purity and potency 

At the end of the day, we only create supplements that we’d feel good giving our own families. No matter how much time passes, the KAL Vitamins core values remain the same.  

Today, we offer a comprehensive lineup of products in a variety of flavors and formats, so every member of your family can start to love their wellness routine.  

When we say we’re committed to quality at KAL, it’s more than just a slogan, it’s the foundation of our entire operation. With a long history of caring dating back 90 years, KAL has the tools and expertise to create the best possible health-supporting solutions.  

To see just how far we’ve come, check out the full KAL lineup! We pride ourselves on having something for everyone; try one of our supplements for yourself and feel the difference that decades of practice can make. 

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