Are You Struggling with Taking Pill Supplements? Try This Instead

Are You Struggling with Taking Pill Supplements? Try This Instead

While “pill fatigue” is not a scientific term, it’s a great description of a very real issue. It literally means that you have become exhausted by the number of dietary supplement pills you are taking daily. Because dietary supplements support optimal wellness on so many levels, pill fatigue can be a big problem.1 What’s the solution?

Instant Dissolve Tablets to the Rescue!

According to NutraIngredients, a key information source for the functional food and supplement market worldwide, while tablets and capsules remain the most popular formats for supplement users, pill fatigue is motivating manufacturers to come up with not only more convenient delivery systems but also more effective ones.2  Among the gummies, powders, and effervescent tablets, there is one delivery format that stands out: instant dissolve tablets.

What are instant dissolve tablets? As the name implies, these tablets dissolve instantly in the mouth where they directly enter the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract altogether which helps enhance absorption. And when instant dissolve tablets are sublingual, they are placed under the tongue for even greater absorption. 

A Bounty of Benefits

In addition to enhanced absorption, sublingual instant dissolve tablets have many benefits.

Because instant dissolve tablets quickly and easily disintegrate in the mouth, they are fast-acting and get to work immediately. And because you don’t have to swallow the tablet, they are simple, easy, and convenient. Instant dissolve tablets come in a variety of natural flavors making them a delicious addition to your day.

Research also shows that because the instant dissolve tablets are not metabolized through the liver like other dietary supplements, you can take a lower dose and get the same health benefits because of the increased bioavailability.3

Pill fatigue can make it harder to follow through on taking your supplements. And if you’re not taking your vitamins, you’re not getting the benefits. So, if you’re experiencing pill fatigue (or simply prefer instant dissolve tablets over pills) KAL’s ActivMelt® line of instant dissolve tablets may help you stick to your supplement routine so you get the health-supporting benefits you seek.

What’s more, this is an ideal option for the entire family. For example, children may be more inclined to take a great-tasting small instant-dissolve tablet versus a pill. Instant dissolve tablets are also a great solution for older adults or those who may have digestive issues that interfere with the absorption of nutrients.4

What’s Available?

With this innovative technology comes the ability to create a wide variety of instant dissolve supplements. You can get vitamins such as B12, Biotin, D3, folic acid, K2, Niacin, and zinc. You can also get specialized nutrients such as chromium picolinate, CoQ10, GABA, L-glutathione, L-theanine, melatonin, quercetin, and trace minerals. There are also lots of flavor options including strawberry, raspberry, tangerine, cinnamon bun, green apple, lemon meringue, cherry, pineapple, and more. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?!

Dietary supplements are so important to supporting health, but they only work if you take them. Sublingual instant dissolve tablets are your convenient, effective, on-the-go supplement for the entire family that may just help you fight pill fatigue. Give them a try today!

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