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Magnesium Malate 400 Tablets

Magnesium Malate 400 Tablets

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Formulated to help support energy production, KAL Magnesium Malate can support any number of lifestyles. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and supports normal, healthy muscle function.

Produced in our own facility, KAL Magnesium Malate is made by reacting the mineral Magnesium with Malic Acid. Malate is a key nutrient in the Krebs cycle. This meticulous process produces high-quality Magnesium, chelated and highly bioavailable. KAL Magnesium Malate 400 tablets provide 400 mg Magnesium per serving (2 tablets).

Our one-of-a-kind ActivTab™ technology guarantees tablet disintegration within 30 minutes according to USP standards, making KAL Magnesium easier to take.

Like all KAL products, our Magnesium ingredients are lab tested for potency, purity and identity, so you can rely on KAL to deliver the muscle and energy support you've been looking for.
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