What’s the Best Healthy Multivitamin for Women?

What’s the Best Healthy Multivitamin for Women?

May is Women’s Health Month which is meant to empower women to make their health a top priority. That can be difficult because many women these days are busy juggling a variety of aspects that can include careers, kids, and other causes that can get in the way of prioritizing their health needs. 

Eating healthy, for example, can be challenging for some busy women.  And then there are other health issues that women need to prioritize and may need extra support with. What’s the answer? Supplementing the diet with a high-quality multivitamin mineral formula to help fill potential missing nutrient gaps.1

A 2021 12-week study featuring younger healthy women demonstrated that taking a multivitamin supplement helped support overall health.2 This is consistent with previous research also showing that taking a multivitamin can support women’s health.3

Choosing the Right Multi

A great deal of progress has been made when it comes to formulating the best healthy multivitamin for women. For example, age matters. 

Women under 50 years old may want to take a multivitamin for different reasons than women over age 50. Younger women typically want to support more energy and a stronger immune system, while women over 50 may be looking for more support for their brains, bones, and joints. 

For women over age 50, supporting healthy aging is key. Research demonstrates that the nutrient needs of older women are different and include a focus on B vitamins and vitamins C and D.4 The best multivitamins for women over 50 can also include nutrients such as ginkgo biloba5 to help support brain health. 

In addition, when to take supplements is important as well. A multivitamin that has an AM/PM combo is innovative because certain nutrients are better taken in the morning and others in the evening. 

Women’s Multivitamin AM/PM has a morning dose that includes essential nutrients that support energy metabolism, nerve function and immunity with vitamins B-12, folate and zinc.* While the evening dose includes replenishing nutrients that support recovery and relaxation, including magnesium glycinate and a 72 Trace Mineral Blend.*

Women’s 50+ Multivitamin AM/PM is made specifically for women 50+ to target the specific nutrients needed at this time. This formula provides powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, E and selenium, plus MSM and Iodine. 

Celebrate Women’s Health Month

Make every month women’s health month by prioritizing your health. One simple way to do that is by taking a targeted, timely women’s multivitamin that suits your age, as well as your health needs.

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