What is Nattokinase? How It Can Benefit Gut Health and More

What is Nattokinase? How It Can Benefit Gut Health and More

You may have been hearing more about nattokinase lately. People who look to natural solutions for their family’s well being have touted nattokinase as a supplement that can be beneficial to health. But what exactly is it – and where did it come from?

To answer that, we have to delve into some Japanese history. Nattokinase is gaining traction in Western medicine, but in Japan, it’s old news—ancient, even. 

What Is Nattokinase Made From?

Nattokinase is derived from natto, a soybean dish that has been consumed by Japanese families for thousands of years. To make natto, soybeans are fermented with the bacterium Bacillus subtilis and often served as a breakfast food – over rice, with karashi mustard, soy sauce, or onions. 

The benefits of soybeans are well documented, but Eastern scientists have long believed that the fermentation process to make natto endows the dish with properties that may make it particularly supportive of healthy digestion and cardiovascular health. And Japan has good reason to speak to this—after all, their citizens have among the lowest rates of heart disease in the world

How Does Nattokinase Work?

In 1980, a Japanese scientist named Hiroyuki Sumi and a team of researchers extracted an enzyme from natto they believed could support health and wellness on its own. That enzyme: nattokinase. 

Nattokinase has been studied extensively for its benefits in Eastern countries. Western medicine has taken note and has recently been evaluated more thoroughly. Its enzymes are believed to benefit the digestive system and provide cardiovascular support. You can learn more about how digestive enzymes work in our recent blog about their benefits.

Further research is still being done on the benefits of nattokinase. But with its storied history in Eastern culture and surging interest in the West, we expect there’s a lot more information on its benefits to overall wellness to come. 

You can experience nattokinase benefits for yourself by trying our all-natural supplement, Nattokinase 100 mg. You can also try making natto at home—here’s a recipe. For more tips on nutrition, mind & body health, and taking care of your family, follow us on Facebook @kalvits and Instagram at @kalvitamins!

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