The Best Supplements For Every Age

The Best Supplements For Every Age

When it comes to supplements, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” As you get older, your body may develop different needs and deficits. Things like diet, exercise and bone density can fluctuate with age. While it’s possible to get all of the recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals through diet alone, the reality for Americans is that many of us may not. National health surveys consistently show that many people in the United States aren’t getting all of the nutrients they need through diet alone, so an estimated 50% of Americans are turning to supplements.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, a strategic supplement routine should take into account the differing lifestyles and physical demands common to specific age groups. Here are the supplements that the experts at KAL recommend for every age: 



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Many 20-year-olds are constantly on-the-go. A fast-paced life can sometimes mean putting healthy eating habits on the back burner, so a multivitamin can help fill in the gaps you might be missing in your diet. 

The KAL Enhanced Energy Whole Food Multivitamin is an easy and convenient way to help you get all of the recommended daily values, without slowing you down. 

Omega 3 

Along with supporting healthy heart activity, omega 3 fatty acids may also help to maintain cognitive performance, making omega 3 potentially valuable to students and those working demanding jobs. 

KAL 180/120 100 Mg Omega 3 Softgels contain 100mg of fish oil extracted from wild, cold waterfish.



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At the age of 30, many people find that their skin may look duller and their joints may not work like they did in their 20s. A collagen supplement could be an effective option for many 30-year-olds. As one of the most abundant proteins in the body, collagen plays a role in a variety of different functions, like supporting bone and joint health and maintaining healthy skin and nails.

KAL Clinical Youth Collagen Type I & III is made up of 18 different amino acids to help fulfill a variety of your body’s demands.

B Complex

B vitamins refer to eight different vitamins that help convert nutritious foods into cellular energy a process that can affect everything from mood to proper digestion. B vitamins can also support a normal functioning nervous system.

For those looking to supplement with B vitamins, KAL B-50 Complex offers all eight B vitamins in a single tablet.



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As you age, your body’s ability to absorb magnesium may decrease, making it more difficult to get the magnesium you need from diet alone. Magnesium could support things like proper muscle recovery and normal sleep patterns. 

When it comes to magnesium supplements, it’s important to choose one that’s bioavailable and easy to digest. KAL Magnesium Glycinate 350 is fully chelated, a chemical state intended to make the magnesium easier to absorb.

Vitamin B12

Like magnesium, vitamin B12 may become more difficult to absorb as you age, which means a B12 supplement could be an effective way to support normal energy production. KAL B-12 Methylcobalamin ActivMelt™ offers a potent source of the vitamin in a quick-dissolving formula. 



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Vitamin D

For many people, bone density may decrease with age. Vitamin D is essential to bone health because it helps the body absorb calcium, which is an important building block of bone tissue.

Vitamin D can be complemented with vitamin K2. While vitamin D may help the body absorb calcium, vitamin K can assist in making sure the calcium gets to your bones. KAL D-3 + K-2 ActivMelt™ combines these two important vitamins into one supplement.


For the same reason that vitamin D is important as we age, so is calcium. It may help maintain normal bone health. KAL Bone Meal Powder packs 1300 mg calcium, 440 mg phosphorus and 15 mg magnesium into each teaspoon. The supplement comes in a versatile powder form that can be added to yogurt, smoothies or water.

When deciding how to supplement, it’s important to consider your unique circumstances, like diet and age. It's also important to talk to a trusted healthcare provider to make sure that your supplements are right for you, especially if you’re taking medications.

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