How to Support Healthy Sleep for Back to School

How to Support Healthy Sleep for Back to School

Summertime is full of splendor for kids, but as this season of adventure draws to a close, it’s important to make sure that your little ones are ready to jump back into their school year routine.  

An important part of staying focused during the school day is getting quality rest through the night. The excitement of summer may have caused sleep disruptions, but when the time comes to head back to class, it’s vital that you help your little ones stay on track with their sleep.  

A Healthy Sleep Schedule Is Key 

Bedtimes aren’t just a parent creation designed to annoy kids, they’re actually an important part of a healthy lifestyle for children and parents alike. One study of 50 families found that kids in families with optimal bedtime routines performed better in a number of areas, including readiness for school. 

Another study monitored 48 healthy 5-year-old children over the course of a week; it found a clear link between a consistent sleep schedule and overall sleep quality.  

Tips for Implementing a Healthy Sleep Schedule 

Just like any other habit, a bedtime routine takes practice. It may help to form a sort of evening ritual—this may consist of any combination of four main categories: nutrition, hygiene, communication and physical contact.  

For example, you might design a bedtime plan for your little ones that includes an evening snack, teeth brushing, a bedtime story and a massage. You can choose any routine that works for your family, the key is simply to establish a set of habits (and a bedtime) that is consistent each night.  

The Importance of Bedtime During the School Year 

There’s no question that we all perform better when we’ve had a good night’s rest. Whether they’re taking a test or just trying to stay alert in class, your kids will have a much easier time putting their best foot forward this school year if they’re getting healthy sleep each night.  

Encouraging a healthy bedtime routine and sleep schedule are important parts of promoting healthy sleep, but sleep disruptions are bound to pop up here and there no matter diligent you are about sleep hygiene.  

When your little one could use some sleep supportKAL Sleep-a-Saurus may be able to help. With 1 mg of melatonin per gummy, Sleep-a-Saurus gently supports a healthy sleep cycle.  

It’s important for kids to get quality rest all year, but especially when it comes time to head back to class. Help your little ones have the best school year possible by supporting their sleep routines in every way you can.  

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