How to Keep Your Kids’ Immunity Strong This Summer

How to Keep Your Kids’ Immunity Strong This Summer

Most kids dream about summer all through the rest of the year—whether those free months are spent at camp, on family vacation or simply relaxing at home, childhood summers hold a special kind of magic.  

As exhilarating as a season off of school may be for your little ones, nothing dampens that joy faster than them not feeling their best. To make sure your kids feel their best all summer long, you can take some simple steps to support healthy immune function.  

Shop for Immune-Supporting Foods 

One of the best ways to help your kids’ immune systems function properly this summer is simply to give them the fuel they need through nutrition.  

Fresh fruits and veggies are a great addition to your little ones’ diets because they’re often packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. Depending on a child’s age, gender and activity level, the CDC recommends they eat from 1-2 cups of fruit and 1-3 cups of vegetables daily.  

Providing kids with a well-balanced diet is a good idea for many reasons, but immune support is certainly one of them.  

Encourage Healthy Habits 

Lots of things that are considered healthy in general can help your kids maintain healthy immune function through the summer months. In the midst of the summer excitement, it can be difficult to get enough sleep or drink enough water—and all too easy to spend too much time in the sun without proper protection.  

To help kids keep their immune systems strong, make sure they stick to their sleep routines and stay hydrated. Long afternoons outside can be fun, but using sunscreen helps ensure that kids are protected on those sun-soaked summer days.  

Many of these practices are likely things you do already, but it’s helpful to remember that without the structure of a school day schedule to keep them on track, kids can benefit from reminders about healthy habits.  

Offer Extra Nutritive Support for Immunity 

Try as you might, it’s not always easy to make sure kids eat nutrient-dense food or stick to healthy habits. Luckily, arguing over bedtime and broccoli isn’t the only way to support kids’ immune systems.  

The KAL Dinosaurs line of supplements is designed especially for kids, and several Dinosaurs products are formulated to promote healthy immunity. Ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, elderberry and zinc are traditional immune supporters that can help keep little ones healthy all year long.  

Summertime is full of adventure for kids, and feeling good helps them embrace all the fun that this season has to offer. With a little extra thought, it’s easy to support your kids’ immune function, so take these simple steps to promote healthy immunity.  

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