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The 6 Best Vitamins & Supplements for Men

Supporting your health now is more important than ever; with many crops becoming less nutrient-dense, the foods we eat may no longer be enough to support our nutritional needs. 

However, figuring out which vitamins and minerals we need to support our health can be overwhelming with so many products on the market. Not only that, every person has different nutritional needs depending on age, gender, family history, environment, economic class, etc. 

Supplements are one way to support your nutrition needs, and individual vitamin supplements help make it easy to cater to your specific needs. Here we discuss what vitamins and supplements may help support men’s health so you can feel supported and perform your best. 

Vitamin B12 

B12 is involved in cellular energy production and helps convert food into energy. If you don’t get healthy amounts of B12, you might start feeling more tired. KAL B-12 Methylcobalamin is a bioavailable form of B12, which is intended to help enhance absorption for rapid, efficient support. 

Vitamin D 

The “sunshine” vitamin is typically absorbed from the sun. However, nowadays with more men working indoors or perhaps preferring indoor activities, it can be hard to get enough of it. Vitamin D helps support bone health by aiding in calcium absorption, which is important in aging men. Some studies suggest it may also help support healthy testosterone levels and may help protect endothelial cells from oxidative stress. 

Vitamin K2 

K2 is an essential vitamin for bone health, supporting the mineralization and binding of calcium to the bones. It supports both cardiovascular and joint health, which are both important things to keep healthy for exercise performance in active men.  


Magnesium is a mineral involved in more than 300 enzymatic functions throughout the body. It helps healthy muscles and bones, nerve function, and relaxation. 

The National Institute of Health recommends that men aged 19-30 years take 400 mg of magnesium daily, while men aged 31 years and older take 420 mg daily. KAL Magnesium Malate 400 tablets offer 400 mg to meet the recommended daily dose. 


Omega-3 comes from polyunsaturated fatty acids and supports cardiovascular health, joint health and brain function. The three types of Omega-3 include EPA, DHA, and ALA. Since men are twice as likely to suffer from heart attacks than women, Omega-3 is a great way to support a healthy heart. Research suggests that diets with plenty of fish-derived Omega-3 support a healthy prostate. 


Zinc is a well-known supplement for immune support, and your body can’t make it, so getting it from food and supplements is necessary. One study suggests that Zinc increased testosterone levels and supported healthy performance. KAL Zinc 30 Orotate is a more bioavailable form of Zinc, making it easy to support your immunity throughout the day. 

Feel and Perform Your Best 

Men’s health and fitness encompass more than just one thing. Getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, and fueling your body with powerful nutrients from foods and supplements are just some ways to help you feel and perform your best.  

KAL Vitamins has been supporting healthy families since 1932, and our wide range of products are designed to meet each family member’s specific supplement needs. We also offer different formats and flavors to accommodate every person’s needs. Our D-3 K-2 tablets are melt-away tablets that dissolve on the tongue and come in a delicious raspberry flavor, while our Omega 3 180/120 come in softgels to help it go down smoother. Other formats include liquid vitamins, powders, capsules and gummies. 

Above all, KAL knows that with so many supplements on the market, it’s hard to buy with confidence. That’s why we test all our products for purity, identity and potency from raw material to finished product. Since 1932, we’ve come to intimately know almost every major reputable supplier of quality natural ingredients available. We also manufacture nearly all our products in-house, unlike many other companies. This helps us manage the process from beginning to end. Our commitment to quality healthy solutions is what’s kept us in the market for nearly a century, and we continue to strive for the best so that all you have to worry about is supporting your health.