What’s Lithium Used For? What Lithium Orotate Is and Why It’s Great for the Body

What’s Lithium Used For? What Lithium Orotate Is and Why It’s Great for the Body

When you hear the word lithium you may think about batteries. But lithium is a naturally occurring trace mineral that has been with us since the dawn of time. This form of natural lithium is known as lithium orotate, and it is available as a dietary supplement. But what exactly is lithium orotate used for?

Lithium Orotate Research

Because one of lithium orotate's natural sources is water, the research looking at drinking water provides a fascinating glimpse as to how lithium orotate can help support health. For example, a 2019 review of 13 different studies found that the people who drank the water with the most lithium content were more apt to have healthy mental function and mood compared to those with less lithium in the water.[1]

Another review from 2020 found that lithium was consistently able to support a stable mood.[2] Lithium orotate can help support calmness and healthy mental function while it soothes feelings of restlessness. Research also shows that lithium orotate can cross the blood-brain barrier where it can further support brain function.[3]

Other lithium orotate natural sources include rock, soil, and some grains and vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, and cabbage.[4] Because lithium orotate is found in rock and soil, for centuries people have experienced the calming effects of lithium when soaking in therapeutic hot springs.[4]

Lithium orotate supports health on a deep cellular level and in addition to supporting neurotransmitters and brain function, it also helps support synchronized circadian rhythms for a calm, balanced sense of well-being.[4] 

Lithium Orotate Supplement

In addition to the natural sources of lithium, lithium orotate can be taken daily to supplement the diet. As a dietary supplement, just 5 mg of lithium orotate each day can help calm a busy mind and instill a sense of relaxation. The most effective lithium orotate supplement combines lithium with orotic acid in a chelated form to help enhance absorption and utilization in the body. This bioavailable form of lithium orotate chelate is blended into a nourishing base of organic rice extract.

Lithium orotate helps support the brain and the nervous system for a calmer mood and a healthy balanced lifestyle. So if you’re feeling stressed and looking for a way to support calm and relaxation, it may be time to try lithium orotate.

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