The Beauty of Biotin in Summer

The Beauty of Biotin in Summer

Everything feels a little more vibrant during summer—the days are longer, the sun seems to shine brighter and there’s no shortage of fun to be had. In the midst of all the excitement, it can be easy to forget about prioritizing your health. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or jet setting to your favorite vacation spot, it’s important to support healthy hair, skin and nails—and biotin may be able to help.  

Why Take Biotin in The Summer Months?

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B-7, has been nicknamed the “beauty vitamin” because of the benefits it can provide for hair, skin and nails. Although it’s important to get plenty of biotin all year long, there are some especially good reasons to supplement with this vital nutrient during the summer months.  

1. Sun Exposure and Healthy Skin 

It’s a good idea to adopt a skincare regimen in any season, but especially during summer when many people spend more time in the sun. It’s important to wear a skin protectant (like sunscreen), but you may also want to take extra measures to support overall skin health.  

Biotin can promote healthy skin in general. If you plan to spend your days soaking up the sun this summer, biotin is a great addition to a healthy skin support routine.  

2. Summertime Swimming Is Tough on Hair 

Most people know that chemicals like chlorine and the hard metals in water aren’t kind to hair, but swimming is still a popular way to beat the summer heat. At the end of a season of swimming, you may notice your hair feels a bit dry or damaged due to chlorine and UV light exposure 

Supplementing with biotin may help support healthy hair overall, so adding biotin to your summertime routine may help you stress less about your hair on sunny pool days.  

3. Extra Active Months May Lead to More Broken Nails 

With warm weather and lots of daylight, summer brings plenty of recreational opportunities. Whether you’re rock climbing, lounging poolside, camping or gardening, there’s a good chance that your nails will experience more wear and tear than they might during other times of the year. 

Broken nails can hurt, and they’re especially frustrating if you’ve been working to grow them out. When you supplement with biotin, you support healthy nails that may be able to handle a little bit of the extra summer stress so you can take full advantage of summer fun. 

Make The Most of Summertime 

Summer is a beautiful season in and of itself, and when you supplement with biotin, you’re supporting health that truly radiates. Promoting healthy hair, skin and nails means you can enjoy summer with the glow of confidence.  

At KAL, our goal is to help you live the most fulfilling life possible, and our biotin products are designed to supply you with a potent yet delicious dose of biotin in every serving.  

Make this summer feel extra bright by supplementing with biotin for a beautiful season in more ways than one. 

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